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Because the number of houses for sale far exceeds the number of people looking for houses to buy, it is a great situation for buyers but a difficult situation for sellers.

For instance, if there are three homes for sale all in the same price range, the house with the new roof and windows is sure to sell first. New homeowners do not want to spend a fortune to fix up a house especially on these two big ticket items. You can easily call a professional window installer and roofer to get these jobs done quickly. If you try to do this yourself, number 1) you may do it incorrectly and end up spending more money having to fix it. Number 2) You may get injured on the job. If you hire a professional they are more then likely insured and bonded so they are covered with insurance as well as able to replace anything that needs to be replaced and it will not cost you another dime out of your pocket.

As Baton Rouge recovers and rebuilds people will move back. This forecast is a conservative one. People will be buying homes and rejoining this vibrant society at a faster rate in the next year and getting into the market now will not only help them to make Baton Rouge a city again, but make you some money on top of it.

Marketing Plan - An important step in selling your home is to have a marketing plan. How are people going to know that your house is for sale? Why would they want to buy your home? How can you help them buy your home? When creating a marketing plan think from the buyers point of view. You can use yard signs, classified ads in the paper, flyers and marketing strategies to create: Attention-Desire- Action.

The Tax credit is calculated as 10% from 80,000$ home buying price, by that reaching the 8,000$. So no matter how much you have spent on buying your new house the tax credit will never exceed the 8,000$.

Realtors are dying for business leads. They fight over people who are looking to buy a home. You know that the people who contacted you are looking for a home within your area. You know that many of these people are wanting to buy a home soon. So these are very hot leads! The first thing you should do with a decent sized list of people is sell the list to a local Realtor who is selling homes in your area. Many intelligent realtor's will pay you top dollar for a list of high quality leads who are very targeted and are looking for a home in a specific area or areas.

Real Estate is an asset and a valuable one which savvy investors understand. There are investors in our area in California that are buying blocks of homes. It was unheard of to find homes in the $200K range, but there were plenty to go around over the past year to year and a half. These investors may rent them now, but look to reap the fortunes in the future - and probably not the too distant future - when prices go back up.

So, I have nothing but admiration for the capitalists who made it since 1959 when all of us were in high school. At the last 50-year reunion so many of the public high school graduates made it also--successful doctors, lawyers, dentists, business persons who aren't living below the poverty line in old age. They did make it even though we all lived a short walking distance from one another from kindergarten through high school and knew one another's parents, for the most part.

And lastly, in buying homes for sale, you have to be sure that the documents are clear. It is better if you check it out with proper authorities and century 21 real estate estate experts so that you will not encounter any problem in the future.